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How to buy Instagram followers without Shadowbanning?

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If you used robots to collect followers or had little experience in attracting followers, you might have shadowbanning. This will make you miss out on hashtag search results and virtually stay away from promotional activity on Instagram. If you are going to buy Instagram followers, you must be sure to log in with appropriate knowledge to avoid being eliminated from the competition. So, you should not listen to the recommendations of untrustworthy and anonymous websites, and you should have a credible source for marketing on Instagram. If you are going to buy Instagram followers, be sure to take a look at what I will say.

Buy real Instagram followers

You've probably noticed that some people are looking for real followers, and websites are advertising a lot for the reality of followers they sell. But are they all real? Certainly not. So how can you identify a fake one from the real when you want to buy Instagram followers and get caught up in this volume of advertising? In the next section I will say how important it is to check the history of the seller's website to avoid cross-sectional damage. But here I must emphasize that it is difficult to find the real followers and you may not be able to find real followers among the websites. So, try to be convinced of the few real followers. To do this, send a message to the seller's website and ask him or her to give you, for example, 500 real followers. If it was the same price as the very cheap one, know that it is a fake one. If the seller explains some of the conditions for you and raises the price of real followers, you can at least trust that website. But you still don't have to buy Instagram followers from that. Ask the seller to introduce you to a previously purchased Instagram page to find out. If you follow these steps, the risk of shadowbanning won't pose a threat to you.

Jobs to do after buying Instagram followers

When you buy Instagram followers, you should ask your current followers to like or comment on your posts. To be sure, you can perform a match. Also, be sure to post a few new posts that let Instagram know your page is real and not run by robots. Likewise ask your friends to tag you in their story or post to increase the credibility of your page. On the other hand, you have to like other people's posts as well and have regular activity on the days when you buy Instagram followers. Comment and like posts with different hashtags. If you do all of these things, you are less likely to get shadowbanned when you buy Instagram followers and Instagram won't put you on its blacklist.

Don't buy Instagram followers from anywhere

As I promised earlier, here I am talking about the history of the seller's website. You shouldn’t buy Instagram followers from any websites. You should first check its Alexa rank. Find out the age of the domain and click on the hashtags in the seller's posts on Instagram and see if their pages appear on Instagram search. Because if they don't show up, the same vendor gets shadowbanning, and that's enough to understand that you shouldn't buy Instagram followers from that site. Also, if you buy from newbie websites, you're more likely to be exposed to shadowbanning. Because robots of these websites may have been identified by Instagram and they have begun to set up a new website. So, the older a website is, the more credible it is.